Senior analyst

Tele Sales


Dialer Analyst/ Sr. Analyst is responsible for building and supporting campaigns for Outbound Line of Businesses.
SQL knowledge
Handling end to end Dialer activities and Dialer maintenance for all Outbound Processes.
Uploading calling data with all preliminary checks from Dialer end.
Skills/Campaign assigning to operators as per the defined Alignment by the business team.
Real time monitoring of Operators on productivity and highlighting the Operators who are defaulting on Productivity parameters like Wrap, Auxes, etc.
Channel allocation/Prefix changes basis the defined strategy and capacity of the lines available.
Ensuring efficient dialing by planning strategies to deliver maximum productivity from the resource available and focus on Data Coverage.
Close monitoring on Workload completion, Data Penetration targets at campaign level.
Close monitoring of Answer rate & Connect rate at campaign level on daily basis to gauge the performance and to take proactive steps for improvements.
Publishing Hourly stats and EOD stats on Dialer Performance to business team.
Publishing operator rosters for all operators for both locations and uploading the same on DWH server to business analytics as per the defined format.
Tracking roster changes received from business team with all relevant approvals and documents and reason for the changes.
Adhering to Strategy defined by Business Analytics on Data Re-churning and Optimization targets at campaign level.
Maintaining Daily Upload Count Trackers and login/FTE count at campaign level on daily basis.
Raising request for Operators and Support staff for application rights as per the Work profile and designation.
Interacting with IT team for any issues related to Dialer/Operator login and any other technical issues related IT Team.
Raising request for Campaign creation as per business requirement and performing UAT before campaigns are live for Production.
Dialing Filter changes for new campaigns created and testing the results for the filters applied and any deviations need to highlight to Analytics for changes.
Communicating with Operation team for daily requirements and movements of operators as per Dialer requirement

1. Full Time Employee