Assistant Manager

Digital Network


Assistant Manager- Sales Operations


  • Smooth functioning of business support operational activities within Sales Function.
  • To process dealer applications within timeline with no errors / resolution of errors.
  • Ensuring that POS files are processed within the defined TAT along with disbursement of money.
  • Reactivation of Non-Selling POS’s to Selling POS’s
Job Responsibilities:
  1. Payment rejections - check in Dealer Disbursement Report and coordinate with Ops Payments & POS Maintenance team for curing
  2. Resolution TAT for CL/FS errors – no queue for more than 2 weeks
  3. Reduction in contract cancellation
  4. Tracking of physical mandates to reach BO
  5. Managing Courier issues/delays
  6. Review of reports (Returns, Signed & Approved pipelines, Cancellation report, Contract Summary, Time to Money)
  7. Training Need Analysis basis the errors marked (Trend analysis for POS/SA/RA/DSM/ASM)
  8. SPOC for Zone – information sharing (rule changes/process updates)
  9. Escalations handling at the Zone level
  10. Checking & compiling data for relogin/exceptional pay-out/activation (EMIs paid)/hold cancellation
  11. Zone feedback to HQ on suggested changes in BO rules/incorrect errors marked/additional report requirement/any other feedback
  12. Coordination with DSMs/ASMs/SAs/RAs/POS/Trainer
  13. Facilitate payment reconciliation for dealers
  14. Product mapping at POS
  15. DSA Activities (Supporting Network in onboarding DSA Partners)
  16. Coordinate with DSA RA’s & push for Business volume
  17. Reactivate the POS’s who haven’t contributed business in last 3 months
  18. Onboard new POS’s in portfolio

1. Full Time Employee

Administration, Analysis, Back Office, Data analyst