Sharing from BOD of Home Credit Group

Home Credit focuses on improving the interaction between top management level and employees, by often organizing sharing knowledge talkshows.

The talkshow of Mrs. Renata Mrazova - Chief People Officer of Home Credit Group during visiting time to Vietnam Headquarter received great attention.

In the talk show, she shared: "The most important responsibility of every leader is to create a trustful environment, where every single person in the team can openly discuss all the situations, even difficult ones. And an environment, where leaders & employees can provide open feedback together”.

That was what Home Credit Group & Home Credit Vietnam create in our company - a trustful working environment, where:

  • All information is clear and transparent
  • Group meetings and 1-on-1 are organized frequently to encourage employees to share and propose new ideas.
  • Agile model in enterprises is applied, so all employees have the opportunities to work in different project groups.