Online Learning at Home Credit with Udemy

At Home Credit, we not only care for our employees’ learning journey but we also enhance their self-study experience by following global trends - fast, diverse & convenient. In the digital age, we choose Udemy and its services to offer employees access to top-rated online courses. ​

Home Credit learners can have access to the unlimited knowledge resource where they can:

  • Enjoy the learning journey with a friendly platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere with a multitude of topics.​
  • Enrich practical knowledge of various categories including IT, Data Science and many more, 
  • Update functional competencies with over 100,000 high-quality courses created by the world's top industry experts.

In an employee-centric learning culture, our Home Credit members now are encouraged to create their own journey to achieve their self-development goals.   ​

No matter what stage of your career, keep on learning, and bring out your better version!